February 22, 2018 ~ Winter Hours

What we’ve got in Store

The Winter Season is upon us and we are open Friday through Sunday 9AM to 6PM. Our Ice Cream windows are closed for the season, but you can still find pints and quarts of your favorite flavors in the store. Stop in on your way home and create a meal for dinner! We’ve got you covered!

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Also in the Farmstore Now!

  • Ice Cream quarts and pints
  • Variety of Farm Fresh products
  • Local Honey
  • Local Maple Syrup
  • All sorts of treats including jams, candies and nuts

Don’t forget our own fresh processed Grass-fed beef. You’ll find fresh hamburg, hamburg patties, steaks, hotdogs and kielbasa in the store freezers.

Variety changes daily! Visit the FarmStore page for a glimpse of what we stock seasonally.

Got allergies?

Try some Local Honey.
For some, Local Honey is thought to have a beneficial affect on allergy sufferers. Here’s the reasoning behind that assumption. The local honeybees, the bees that live and harvest pollen and nectar in your own neighborhood, are collecting the exact same kind of pollen grains that you would be most allergic to. Small amounts of this same pollen (and other possible local allergens associated with flowers) will be found in the honey these bees make. It may seem odd that straight exposure to pollen often triggers allergies but that exposure to pollen in the honey usually has the opposite effect. This is interesting, and a lot cheaper and less painful than allergy shots!

Jones’ Apiaries ~ Local, Pure Honey in the Farm Store now.

Tulmeadow Farm Fresh Ice Cream

The readers of Hartford Magazine voted Tulmeadow Farm Best Ice Cream of 2010 and again in their recent 2011 Readers Poll.

Many thanks to those of you that voted for us in the “Best Ice Cream category” in the Hartford Magazine Best Of Contest. It’s our second year as the best ice cream.

We make over 50 different flavors of very rich 16% butterfat gourmet ice cream. Our top selling flavor is Red Raspberry with Chocolate Chips.

We produce large quantities of our ice cream in quarts and pints, which are sold in our Farm Store, while also supplying some local stores and restaurants with quarts of ice cream for retail sale.

… Couple New flavors, Root~beer, Indian Pudding and Blueberry {not new, but just made a fresh batch}. Click here to view a sample of our Ice Cream menu.

Tulmeadow Farms new kitchen continues tradition of pumping out the flavor!

Long before a cone or cup of ice cream is put in a customers hands, it begins its journey in the new kitchen at Tulmeadow Farm. Five years in the making, the bright, spacious kitchen is a far cry from… Read the Full Story »»

Tulmeadow Farm in the News

Tulmeadow Farm ~ A New England Farm adapts to change

A Sweet connection to the past. That’s the statement used by some to describe how Tulmeadow Farm has evolved through the years, trying our hand at just about every aspect of New England Farming in our quest to find a niche. Click here to watch a video production of our history describing how we got to where we are today, and our plans to keep Tulmeadow a working family farm well into the future.

Tulmeadow Farm Forestry Legacy Grant Approved

The Simsbury Land Trust was awarded a Forest Legacy Grant to aide in preservation of the 73-acre woodlot on Tulmeadow Farm. Read the Full Story »»