Miller’s Fresh Turkeys – Update

Unlimited orders will be taken until Nov 16. After that we will have a limited number of turkeys available until they are gone. Call us or stop by to order your turkey. We do order the bird especially for you, so we do expect you to pick it up even if your plans change. Miller turkey’s are not free-range, organic or heritage; they are chill packed, not frozen. You can also reserve your bake and serve Chef Pierre fruit high pies and your Tulmeadow ice cream.

If you haven’t tried them, the Chef Pierre frozen high-pies are really great, full of big chunks of fruit. Slip them into your own pie plate, pop in the oven frozen and you’ll have a pie your guests think you baked from scratch (as well as that wonderful smell). Many flavors from apple to pumpkin to fruit of the forest (mixed fruits).

You can reserve your pies and our ice cream too, just to be sure you get your favorite flavor!

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2 Responses to Miller’s Fresh Turkeys – Update

  1. Emily says:

    it’s been 15 WHOLE days since your last blog…have you forgotten your viewing public??? We feel abandoned…

    • We’re on it Emily! Christmas Trees just arrived and the ‘Elves’ are busy here at the Farm Store. Updates and December News Letter coming out Thursday. (plus… we’re still feeling the effects of too much turkey!!) ; )

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