Got allergies?

Tulmeadow Farm Store ~ Local Honey, Simsbury, CT

Ok… we’ve had our share of rainy, cloudy, cool weather this month. We actually did see the sun here at the farm yesterday, albeit a little brief. If this Spring weather is getting you down and you are getting the sniffles, have a scratchy throat, runny eyes maybe? You might have (as many of us do) a case of Springtime allergies. Even though all the rain we’ve had this past week has washed most of the yellow tint off the car and you think we’re in the clear; your eyes might still be a little runny. Maybe your nose isn’t as stuffy. But if you’re looking for a time-tested home remedy to your allergic symptoms, try some Local Honey.

Jones’ Apiaries ~ Local, Pure Honey in the Farm Store now ~ $9.75 for a 2 lb. jar. Click here for information and pricing on other sizes.

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