Grant Approved

Tulmeadow Sunflowers

During a special meeting June13, residents voted in favor of accepting a federal grant to buy 73 acres of land known as the Tulmeadow Farm Woodlot.

The Simsbury Land Trust was awarded the $1.4 million Forest Legacy Grant to buy the parcel on Farms Village Road. Residents’ approval was required because the funds and the acquisition of the land are each in excess of one percent of the town’s annual town budget. The town is the official recipient of the grant, because the money must be accepted by a public entity.

The land trust is completing the final phase of a 10-year campaign to raise $2.83 million to protect the 260-acre Tulmeadow Farm through the creation of conservation easements.

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  1. Tom says:

    This is a good thing to see happen. Now we know we will be able to enjoy a walk on the trails though the woods and spy all the critters who call the forest home forever.

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