Our Own Grass-Fed Beef

Tulmeadow Farm Grass-Fed BeefTulmeadow Farm ~ Grass-Fed BeefIn 2003 we stopped milking cows, (it was costing more money for us to produce the milk than we were getting paid for it!) and started down a new path raising grass-fed beef cattle. We now have a herd of over 50 head of cross-bred beef cattle of various ages.

We feed our animals a combination of grass, hay, and grass silage. We do not administer any hormones or antibiotics to our animals. Because we don’t fatten them up on a high corn diet, the meat is leaner, more flavorful, and healthier for you as well. You do have to be aware of the leanness when you cook our beef, because it will become ‘tough’ if over cooked. Marinades are your friend! Personally, we cook our burgers on the grill on foil, rather than an open grill, as they hold together better this way.

From Farm to Home

Tulmeadow Packaged BeefOur beef cows are transported to a facility in Massachusetts, where they are processed under the watchful eyes of USDA inspectors. We then receive the meat, frozen and packaged, ready for sale in our Farm Store. We offer steaks, ground beef, and pre-made patties. Some beef is also made into all beef hot dogs, kelly dogs, and all beef kielbasa at another facility in Connecticut, also under USDA inspection. If you are interested in purchasing large quantities, such as a whole beef, side of beef, or a half of a half, let us know. The more you buy, the lower the cost per pound.

Call and leave a message for Buzz if you are interested in a larger quantity purchase than available at the Farm Store.
Buzz Tuller ~ 860-658-1430 (Tulmeadow Farm Store)